Features to Look for and Differences Between Wireless Camera Systems

As you're shopping for the best wireless camera systems to meet your needs, you have to consider what features are available, what you should be looking for, and what the differences are between different types and models. There is a wide range of wireless security cameras available today, and in order to get the perfect match, you can use this overview of features and differences to get started.

The first thing you have to consider is whether you want to permanently install a wireless camera system, or whether you want a portable wireless camera to bring with you on the move. A permanent installation could go on the exterior of your home or business, and serve as security against intruders, while also providing information on who is coming and going. These will still need to be wired into a power supply, however they transmit their signals wirelessly, often straight to a computer for viewing, recording and saving.

wireless camera systemPortable wireless camera systems often also serve as hidden cameras. You could buy very small models and hide them in all places to try to watch somebody or catch something as it happens, whether it's a babysitter or a maid you are unsure about, a child or a spouse, or even a coworker or associate. Still, a portable wireless security camera doesn't have to be hidden and could be used a means of temporary security during travel, for example.

Once you decide the type of system that you're looking for, it's time to look more specifically at different features and specifications. A major factor will be the quality and capability of the recorded images. Some wireless camera systems offer full color and even HD quality video, while others offer black and white. Some also come with night vision capability, and you may or may not want audio recording capabilities as well. Don't forget to consider issues such as range of operation and transmission, and transmission frequency.

If you're using a permanently installed wireless camera system, you also have to decide if you want a fixed camera, a 360 degree camera, a dome camera, a moveable camera or another option. Depending on where you are setting the camera up and what you're trying to record, different options may serve you better or worse.

wireless surveillance systemAnother consideration for permanently installed surveillance systems is whether you want to use an analog or digital system. Digital systems are more versatile and secure, whereas analog systems are still capable and will cost less money. Price always has to be a consideration when you purchase anything. Keep in mind though, the security of your family, home or business has to come first and you always want to buy something that offers high quality in these situations.

Hopefully by now you have a better idea about some of the differences between wireless camera systems, as well as some of the features to look for. The first thing you'll have to decide is whether you want something permanent or portable, and from there, there are a number of other options and factors to consider.

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